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Question 1995 525i headlights intermittent

Hi all,

Stationed in Germany with the USAF, and I just bought my first BMW ever - a 1995 German-spec 525i with 53k original miles (86k kilometers) on it. The car looks and runs great with a couple of minor issues, but one big issue is the low beam headlights have failed to come on twice now. I just started working nights, so this is no small issue.

I ordered a maintenance manual a few minutes ago, but it'll take at least a week to get here and I'd like to try to fix the lights in the meantime (it's kinda hard to drive to work at night when the low beam headlights don't work).

Here's the issue: I turn the headlight switch on. The parking lights come on, and the highbeams always work when switched on, but the low beams sometimes don't come on. I know it's not a fuse because sometimes they DO come on. The first time it happened, at some point the low beams came on while I was driving. The last time it happened, earlier today, the low beams never came on. But when I fired up the car after about an hour, they were working. The running lights, and all other electrical systems seem to be fine, no fault indications at all.

I'm thinking relay... But my problem is that I have no documentation with the car. I found the fuse/relay box in the engine compartment (directly in front of the driver), but I don't know WHAT each fuse and relay is (everything is in German).

Any suggestions? I hate to have to continue riding the family minivan to work at night when I have this slick 525i that I could be driving.


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