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Originally Posted by bmtrucker View Post
Hi i'm new to this forum so i apologise if this has been brought up before

i'm thinking about buying a performance chip for my 530d e39 model, has anyone brought one for their car, if so which one did you buy and what was the difference in power and mpg, i have been looking on ebay and found one that i like, it's called Drakebox2 cost 80, the seller has had over 3200 postive feedback and only 5 negative in the last 12 months, it comes from Italy gives you 33% more bhp and upto 20% better mpg.

I appreciate any help on this subject
If it sounds too good to be true it usually is.

Check out the Eurobahn site and see what they claim for a SuperchipsUK programmer and how much they cost and tell me that a chip selling for a fraction of that will give better results. 33% is a huge increase for a gasoline engine and even on the ragged edge for a diesel.

I may be new to this site, I am not new to the Programmer issue having used my Diablosport Predator with three different Fords, including one that we tuned on a chassis dyno.
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