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Your Ride: Whatever I can get my hands on
Favorite newish car?
Looks wise i'd have to say Ferrari Enzo
For pure sex i'd have to say Saleen S7 (the new twin turbocharged one )
And for raw performance.....Mustang GT-R concept

Old Cars:
Style i'm going to have to go with the stingray vettes
Pure sex: Shelby 427 Cobra (not that panzy ass kit car shit)
American Muscle: (if you mean other than noted above...) GT 500 Mean anything to you????
or a charger not sure

Although I play hockey with this kid who's dad brings his Diablo Sv to the rink a lot and when he turns that bad puppy on I try not to shit my pants every time. I tried driving it once but with a 95 LB clutch (as i guess one would need for 800 Hp...his wasn't stock) just wasn't gonna happen, not to drive anyways

Nuke (n): a large firework that makes pretty lights and large lakes out of annoying countries.
You have three choices, stand behind our troops, grab a gun and toe the line with our troops, or stand in front of them, they can use the extra armor.
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