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335i "engine checked" multiple times. What could it be?

Hi there, I am contemplating buying a used 2008 335i convertible with 26000 mile on the clock, but when I read over the carfax report, I noticed that the report listed that the engine had been checked twice since going into service, and before being listed, the engine was reprogrammed by the dealer at a later date. The car has also been on the lot for over two months, and is CPO’ed.

The first engine check was at ~4000 miles (Engine checked), the second at 12000 miles (Engine/powertrain computer/module checked), and finally reprogrammed prior to listing at 26000 miles (Computer reprogrammed). Comparing other carfax reports on similar vehicles do not show this type of activity. This obviously has raised a red flag for me, but I am not knowledgeable enough to try and figure out if this is a serious issue, and if I should move on to a different vehicle

I would be very grateful if somebody could provide me with some insight as to what sort of problems this might indicate, or what questions to ask regarding this? This would be my first BMW, and would hate to get stuck with a lemon, as I am sure everybody can appreciate.

Thanks for the help with this, it really is appreciated.
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