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Originally Posted by sandersnsandy View Post
Im new to this site so I hope im in the right place to ask---My problem started with a whiring noise sounding something like a tension pully bearing.Put diagnostic and got back codes P1186,P1187,PO300,PO301,PO302,PO305 an PO306 I Then replaced o2 sensors (pre cat) and cleared codes.No new codes have come back. Whiring noise still there and smoking like a freight train.Smoke smells like burning plastic/rubber.I removed oil filler cap only to find its pulling a very strong vacume.With cap off whiring noise stops but smokes just as bad.It only has 94,000 on the clock and I havent had any trouble before now.Dont know where to start. Any help would be very much appreciated,
the noise you hear isnt a pulley the crankcase vent valve has failed.the excessive crankcase pressure is pulling oil into the intake and being burnt . this valve is also refered to as the intake backing plate. it has a rubber diaphram. this also causes lean fuel trim faults which led you to replace the o2 sensors by mistake the faults will come is difficult to replace the backing plate without removing the intake but it can be done. i would suggest a intake reseal though and remove the intake to save you alot of trouble and while you have the intake off i would replace the valley pan underneath it which is known to fail and cause a coolant leak. if you plan to keep this car just get all the issues behind you at once and enjoy it
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