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7 Series E38 - audio working/ not working - airbag light flickering...

Hi All,
I've got a 1998 E38 (& very nice it is too).
However, yesterday I left the engine off, key in & radio on (for the wife). When I got back in the car the radio had just suddenly stopped.
I started up the car & the airbag light was on and the radio would not turn on, no time was displayed etc - just blank. The computer display worked ok though. The airbag light flickered for a while & then went out - radio came back on.
Next time I started the car the airbag light was on & no radio & no computer display - all blank. The light went off after a bit but still had a dead radio etc.
Just in case it's related I was having trouble with the radio suddenly going distorted & loud now & again (only on FM). If I left it a while then it worked ok again for a while then did it again etc. etc. . Don't know if that's just a radio problem or related to the general gremlins that are now cropping up?
Any advice greatfully received!
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