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Just wondering to what extent we are able to do "reprograms" ourselves.

A friend has a reset type tool that can virtually look at everything electronic in the car, but the whole idea of the thing is a little vague. I'm not looking for performance upgrades, but the ability to look at change the some of the iDrive settings in my X5 and some of the options in the settings menu in my E90 330xi.

For example; 18 months ago, under warranty my check engine light came on, it was booked for service at the dealership. The day before it was to go in, the engine light went off (probably the gas cap), but it went in anyway and they decided to reprogram it...... Before the reprogram, I had the option in the settings for the car to give me an audible, as well as the flashing park lights, alert that the doors were locked when commanded to do so. I don't necessarily want that option, but what happened to it? Im wondering if there are any other subtle options that can be activated..
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