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Thumbs up Retro Fit my OEM HID's on to the new headlights

Original Pictures first:

So I bought these lights plain, bulbs attached said no HID's would work yada yada. But the real problem is I can't see shit at night and I don't like looking like squar with a standard yellow headlights.

So here is what I did to get the old OEM Ballast into my new Ebay Headlights.

Took the ballists out of its holder and opened the Bulb housing. Took the black ring and stuck the bulb down into the headlight housing (It didn't fit of course). Put the black holder that I unscrewed from old headlights over the bulb after putting a small dab of glue on the bulb to semi stick it down and put a dab of glue on the holder to semi stick to the new headlights and stick the bulb down.

Let it dry for about 2 hours and took them to the car. Bought double sided mounting tape and mounted the HID Ballist down (DDM Style ) Then placed the headlight back in and wired everything up. I removed the Rubber from the old headlight projector and wrapped it around the HID plug in area. This is no wear near a perfect fit so I plugged it in and left the rubber over it (Loose like a sleeve). Well Everything plugged in and drove it today, so far so good.

The real test will be is it going to collect moisture or not?

LMK what do you guys think?
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