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Ebay CCFL Angel Eyes on e39 99' BMW

So here it is.
Haven't seen anyone post anything about ebay brands or sellers yet so I had to be the text dummy.

Bought a pair of CCFL Angel Eyes retro fitted from ebay about a week ago.
Just received them in the mail. This will be my personal log to see how they stand the test of time and weather.

Day 1: Installed the Headlights in about 2-3 hours. Headlights did not come with directions and the wiring was pretty iffy. (That being said I have made my own angel eyes from curtain rods with leds, wired them and placed them into a damn Lincoln LS before on my own then rewired them into the headlight unit using only city lights lol.) So the housing looked pretty, the fitment was off by no more than maybe 5%. I managed to fit them into the car properly and using a pair of wires I had, wired the city lights to my CCFL to provide the power temporarily until I buy the "Inverter" Which they did not come with. The lights aren't HID supported or at least not yet until I decide I want to take on that project in the near future.

Vendor: parasitesingle
Quality of look: 4/5 *
Quality of Seal: Unknown for now (Will post after rain)
CCFL Quality: Works fine looks fine for now, will know more when I install Inverter.

Pros: CCFL w/ a great price already Installed. Pair of Retro fit headlights for under 200 bucks!
Cons: Not HID, No Inverter, Not an Exact fit, Wiring a little off w/ no instructions.


Here is the pair that I Made in the past:

Let me know if you have any questions. If not comment up post enjoy.
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