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Control arms and bushings

Hi all... just got my rear control arms replaced thanks to their wear and tear and a "brushing noise", and it fixed it... when I went for an alignment the guys said it wont do too good for the front bec the fronts now need new control arms too, GOD!!!

The thing is though, it seemed like he was just pointing to the bushing where it looked more loose than it should be... anyways, a couple of days after that, I was on the highway and when I hit about 75, my car vibrated pretty violently, worse than I have ever felt, and it was scary... so when I slowed to 50 and below, it was fine.

My indy took a quick look with a jack up, and said lets replace the bushings first and when he puts it for that tomorrow morning, he will also test the arms.

Now Firestone quoted me a price (I know, I know, but I wanted a general ballpark of what they would charge for both front control arms) of $350 for parts and $250 for labor ($600+tax)... the indy had charged me $165 for the rear left c-arm and about $150 for the labor ($315... do rears cost more?).

So #1, are my symptoms indicative of the bushings or c-arms?

And how are the prices? (Pelican has the front c-arms for about $100 a piece)

2003 ZHP 4dr
115,000 miles
Tires: BBS 17" rims
Hankook Ventus V12
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Rear: 255/40ZR
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