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Your Ride: BMW 524TD E34 1991
BMW E34 524 TD Fuel gauge slow :(


I am experiencing problems with my fuel gauge in my E34 524 TD from 1991.
It's too slow because I ran out of gas in the middle of the road, the fuel gauge was showing about 15 l left, even though the car was all empty, so I ran out of gas.
so far I have tried to replace/do things:

1. 3 different Fuel level senders.
2. Fuel level sender's connector resistance.
3. Harness connector to the fuel level censor also resistance.
4. Wire from the fuel pump to the instrument cluster, had the same resistance on both sides.
5. Instrument cluster connector, also seemed fine involving resistance.
6. A brand NEW fuel gauge in my instrument cluster.
7: 3 different used instrument clusters, all do the same
8: Factory new coding plug coded for my car.

You can check at this link, all I have been through in details if you are interested:

I have no idea what could cause this problem?
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