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Originally Posted by Rooz
Hey everyone, we got this letter in the mail for my mom's 97 540i, I though I would share it with all the other 5 series owners:

May, 2005

Recall Campaign No. 04v-183: Front Strut Plate

Dear BMW Owner:

This notice is sent to you in accordance with the requirements of the National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act.

BMW AG has decided that a defect, which relates to motor vehicle safety exists in certain 1996 and 1997 Model Year BMW 5-Series vehicles. Our records indicate that you are the owner of a potentially affected vehicle and that this recall has not been performed on your automobile.

This notice was originally sent in accordance with the requirements of the National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act during the period of May 2004- June 2004 to the registered owner (as ascertained from States of Motor Vehicle Registration date) BS, my mom has had her car for two 2 years and we never got this before. This mailing is intended as a follow-up.

We urge you to bring your vehicle to your Authorized BMW center for repair in this important safety matter as soon as possible.


The defect involves the front spring strut plate. In certain driving climates and operating conditions, such as long exposures to high ambient temperatures, high humidity and salty air, combined with prolonged periods of "stop and go" traffic, the material structure of the plate could be affected. In some cases, the strut plate could begin to crack, and eventually, could break. If this occurred, the plate could contact the tire. This could lead to a sudden loss of tire pressure or tire failure.

Do not leave this problem unattended. Depending upon traffic conditions and the driver's reactions, damage to a tire could reduce the ability to control the vehicle, increasing risks of a crash without warning.

then it gives some info for precautions....


The repair will consist of installing a retaining clip to the underside of the front spring strut plates of affected vehicles.

The repair will require approximately 1 hour. This work will be performed free of charge by your Authorized BMW center. Additional time may be required depending on the BMW center's scheduling and processing
Thanks man, I'm gonna look into this. I havent gotten any letter but I've only had my car for 8 months. So who knows if the dealership I got it at(wasnt a bimmer dealership) had it fixed. Thanks man
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