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535i 1990

Hello fellas, new to the site and figure with my some what limited mechanics ability ( i do know mechanics motorcyles and other cares) the BMW is a sweet machine and glad I swapped my 99 Mustang for it.

two days ago I went to shut her down and the left lowbeam stays lit even when totally shut down. Now when I fire back up and turn lights on the right lowbeam is out and its not a burnt bulb just dont get current to the plug when put on a load , shows 15v with meter plug in a load zero, I thought it was some sort of parking marker light that i just cant figure out to shut off. In the mean time I am driving on highbeams and unplugged the low left since I dont want to run my battery down when parked for long period of time and wont shut off.

can anyone here let me know if they have had similar issues or is it i just dumb thumbed a switch?

thank you,


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