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1) The radio code is no where to be found. Pushed the M button and help, did not spit out any serial # or anything...any advice?

-If you go down to the dealer with your car's registration card (from the DMV) and your ID BMW will give you the radio code for the original radio that was in the car.

2) The traction control light was (is) on, so i pushed the button. I pushed it right through the dash and the front part of the button dropped down in there somewhere.

-Take the dash board apart and push the button back into its seated place on the dash. As far as the traction control is it just the light in the middle of the dash or is it the traction control and a yellow brake light as well?

3) Airbag light is on, no reason it should be on.

- The light could be on for a reason have you gotten the code read? if it is really for no reason the light could be turned off with the SRS code reader.

4) Got it back from body shop for minor hood repair. It seemed to burn some oil off the right side of the engine pretty hard for a moment, drove it another 30 miles after that day, no issue at all. Also, Service Engine Soon light came on.

- My fathers 330 is doing the same thing. more then likely just poor maintenance by the last owner(s) and warn out seals. Its up to you if you want to spend the money or take the time to rip the engine apart. As for your SES light autozone or a BMW indy can get the code read for you and tell you what the car will need. It indicates that there is a failure in one of the emissions controls in the car.

5) Power top seems to work when it wants to, seems like maybe a bad switch ? Always goes back on easy, sometimes have to play with switch for a while to get it to go down.

-I have no idea why you are having this issue, but could be a switch, could be a loss wire some where between the top motor and the switch, could be the brake senor (my car I need to hold down the brake to raise and lower my roof) my simplest answer would to just make the top a manual roof since their is not much to lowering/ raising it.
2001 Z3 3.0 Roadster
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