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X6 Dual Battery system for fridge

Hello everybody,

I have a 2008 X6 E71 X35D (what is my alternator rating?).
I have a 42lt camping fridge (about 50Ah per day and less than 6A peak when starting).
I have a 2nd 90Ah deep cycle battery to power it and a 60W solar panel to top up the battery.
When the car is running I want the alternator to charge both the main and the 2nd battery.
When the car is parked I want the 2nd battery isolated so as not to drain the main battery & the solar panel can charge the 2nd battery.

What are your recommendations:
1. Isolator & rating
2. Does my alternator need changing? (what is my alternator rating?).
3. Does the deep cycle 2nd battery need a conditioning charger when being charged from the alternator?
4. When the deep cycle 2nd battery is being charged from the alternator, how much current will it be pulling if it is almost empty?

I guess that's enough questions for now!
Thanks in advance people.
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