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Originally Posted by xxxbimmer View Post
not sure if those are kills to be proud of......
well....that's kinda what I thought. I left my buddy in the powerstroke in the dust....not surprising. The jeep, however, I didn't understand. I expected no challenge, that's kinda why I mentioned it. I've had the car less than a month, and I haven't really got a feel for it.

What should I expect from it? Regarding handling, it's impressive. Power, not so much. It's got enough to carry me home, but nothing to raise eyebrows.

So, that is the reason for the post. I was a bit disappointed, and wanted to know if my frustration was unfounded.

BTW, don't underestimate a diesel pickup, I've seen them that would give my old mustang(sub-8 second car in the 1/8th) a run for it's money.
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