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Broke By Monday

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2000 Z3 , a few questions....

New member from Cleveland here....
Just purchased a 2000 Z3 w/ 118,000 miles on it. I have a few questions if anybody has some answers i would greatly appreciate it.

1) The radio code is no where to be found. Pushed the M button and help, did not spit out any serial # or anything...any advice?

2) The traction control light was (is) on, so i pushed the button. I pushed it right through the dash and the front part of the button dropped down in there somewhere.

3) Airbag light is on, no reason it should be on.

4) Got it back from body shop for minor hood repair. It seemed to burn some oil off the right side of the engine pretty hard for a moment, drove it another 30 miles after that day, no issue at all. Also, Service Engine Soon light came on.

5) Power top seems to work when it wants to, seems like maybe a bad switch ? Always goes back on easy, sometimes have to play with switch for a while to get it to go down.

Other than that.....runs good, drives real nice and a real nice price.

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