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535i vs. Jeep Wrangler

Saturday night, pulled beside of a late model Jeep wrangler. Thought nothing of it, but when the light turned green, I heard him open up.

So with my slushbox in economy mode, I rolled down to the WOT switch and let him have it. 1st gear, I pulled half a car...2nd, 3/4 of a car up to 60, and we caught another light. He turned on to a side road, and I followed, as I was curious why in the $%&$-^$##$%^ I didn't eat him alive??? I'm bone stock, 161k miles and pretty healthy as far as I know.

Considering that I didn't launch hard at all, does this seem normal?

P.S: The experience convinced my wife that I needed power upgrades, she agreed that no Jeep should be able to hang with "her" BMW. So it was a double win for me. Oh, also spanked a 2004 f-350, Powerstroke w/ exhaust and maybe a chip....can't get a straight answer out of the guy. 4-5 cars to 75.
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