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Your Ride: '89 535i
I was 19 years old, working at a little garage in Nashville, TN to pay for my college. We had a regular customer who had an '86 325, came in for tire rotations, oil changes and inspections pretty regular. The car had about 280k miles on it, and I did a repair that required a test drive one day. Needless to say, WOW. I was expecting a typical old high mileage POS, but it drove like a brand new car. Fast forward 5 years: The wife's sister acquired a 535i, brings it to our house. She drives her sister to town in it, falls in love the same way.

She asks me that evening, "why does that old car drive so good?" I told her, "That's just how well a BMW is made." Well, she said "I want one, I'm not driving that Cherokee anymore." ok with me. So she traded my old Dodge truck, which I'll miss, for the 535i. I hope she never wants anything else, I'm tickled pink. Getting ready to take it up in the Monongahela Nat'l Forest to test out the car, and hopefully not my radar detector, . Everything is easier if you have the wife's approval before you start. Now to convince her it needs more power :P. My dad was a DSM guy before he passed, so I'm used to a little more oomph than the old m30 has out of the box.

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