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Originally Posted by Gary View Post
Hello fellow BMW owners. I'm a new member, but a long time BMW owner and am hoping I can get some help with a problem that hasn't been solved yet.
I have an '03 325xi with 81K miles. Until the last 6 months the car has been pretty much flawless. My current problem is my drivers door lock. A few month's ago the remote started to work only intermittently. It finally stopped working (all the other locks are fine) and I had to use the key to unlock the doors. I finally ordered a new lock actuator and muddled my way through the replacement. When finished, it worked twice and that was it. I ordered a new one and swapped them out and low and behold the same thing happened. I'm stumped and no one has an answer. Does anyone have any ideas?
Pretty frustrating. On the plus side the second time went a lot faster than the first.
Thanks in advance.
Any luck yet, Gary? I've got the exact same ride, and same issues. In fact, I just put a new door lock actuator in yesterday and it worked for about 10 minutes and quit. I don't think it's keys/remotes. My inclination from other boards is that it may be a relay in the general control module 5, but I'm not quite ready to ship mine out for repairs yet...
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