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I know first hand how you all feel.

July 6th I lost my '89 325i due to being rear ended by a Toyota Avalon. Guy was doing at least 50 km/hr. Folded the car from the rear fenders back, spare tire was wedged in so hard that even after deflating it, it was still very difficult to remove it. Why the glass didn't shatter is beyond me. $10,661 damage.

Toyota was written off. Everything from the front windshield foward GONE.

But, I managed to get $5500 CDN for my car, then proceeded to buy a 1994 530i for $4400, and it included winter rims and tires with BMW hubcaps. Interior great, exterior pretty damn good.

But I'm gonna miss my '89.
1994 530i 5 speed - RIP due to a dipshit that can't do overshoulder checks and ran over the front end with his Jeep!
1989 325i - RIP due to a knucklehead that rammed the car in the butt doing 50 km/hr while I was stopped at a intersection!!

New ride: 1998 318i
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