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Hey I just wanted to let everyone know that I followed the instructions on this thread and it was a cakewalk!!!

I have a '97 528i..... oil change was simple, just take your time and be sure not to ruin the filter cap or the rubber O-ring. I read here and on several other forums about filling the oil filter, and in this oil change I decided to fill it up(as best I could without making a mess) before putting the filter cap back on. Every other oil change I have done on other vehicles I fill the filters.....This was my first time changing a BMW.

As for the oil light indicator reset..... easy as it gets. Found some spare wire, cut it to length, placed it in keyhole 7 then in into keyhole 19. Had my wife turn the ignition to position 2, held it for 3-4 seconds and removed the wire from keyhole 7 and bingo! all green indicator lights came on!

FYI, this was the FIRST time i've been on this forum and I am now a dedicated reader!!

Thanks all who contributed to this thread!!!!

Saved me a crap load of cash!!!!

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