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bodin 444

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Hello all
I joined up just to pass along some general information about a very good BMW mechanic I bumped into while doing some used car shopping awhile back.

I was looking for a mechanic on line the other day, and came across some posts from your members about this topic.

This particular BMW mechanic used to be a shop foreman at a BMW dealership in Edmonton. He works out of his own shop on an acreage south of Edmonton in Leduc County. His name is Daniel Triska. He can be reached at 780 945 7562 He is located at #210 Clearwater Creek Estates 50125- RR233 Daniels e mail address

Hope this helps out anyone looking for a good BMW mechanic who is a lot cheaper than the dealers, and pretty much any private shop in the big City as well. I don't own a Beemer, but I am a car nut, so I figured this might help you guys out! Good luck.
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