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Review: 2010 BMW 335i Sedan is what we've been missing

Filed under: Sedan, Performance, Europe, BMW, Reviews, Luxury

2010 BMW 335i Sedan - Click above for high-res image gallery

We like to think of ourselves as a voice of the people - a place for the proletariat of the interwebs who clamor for an honest take on the latest automotive hardware. To that end, we've always viewed the constant stream of fawning over BMW with something of a jaundice eye. We get it. The company builds good products, but does it really deserve wave after wave of gushing prose in every car magazine? Even more troubling, does the 3 Series deserve its honored position as the benchmark against which all other mid-sized sports sedans must be measured?

In a word, yes. We say that almost against our plebeian nature, but if you've come searching for a scathing tear-down of the bread-and-butter 3, best point your clickers elsewhere. After a full week with the 2010 BMW 335i sedan, we've come to understand why the bastions of auto-journodom have spent the last 10 years drinking the BMW Kool-Aid. It's just that good. Read on to find out why the latest 3 Series continues the tradition.

Gallery: Review: 2010 BMW 335i Sedan

Photos by Zach Bowman / Copyright (C)2010 Weblogs, Inc.Continue reading Review: 2010 BMW 335i Sedan is what we've been missing

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