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Noise troubles (Any input will help)

Hi guys,

I run a 95' coupe auto that is having some noise issues.

1) The steering wheel makes a sqeak noise and no kind of lubricant seems to help. I imagine I will have to remove the steering wheel and bathe everything in lithium grease.

2) When I pull out of a parking space and turn the wheel to straighten up, there is a whine that sounds like it is coming from the steering rack more towards the right side of the car. I pulled the front tires and turned the wheel right and left, and it didnt make a peep.

3) Alternator whine for my custom stereo. Annoying as f***.

4) Clutch on the a/c with rattle and squeal when the clutch is engaged...sometimes.

Does anyone else have these problems? Or ideas to fix them without replacing the entire component?
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