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I got my hood open, but there is no easy way. I had to push in the two kidney grills on the front. That part was very easy and I did it without breaking them. I found the cable that ran between the two locks and pulled it hard. It only unlatched the passenger side. I figured I wasnt pulling hard enough so I pulled until I broke it, still the driver side didnt open. So I cut away a bunch of plastic until I could see the actual pin that goes into the lock and is attatched to the hood from underneath the car. I used a long flat head screw driver and barely reached it. It unscrews from the hood. A quarter of a turn at a time and some very cramped fingers, an hour later I got the hood open. I dont know if this is what you normally have to do or if my latches were broken, I have read that just pulling the cable will open both.
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