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Saving the Earth

The world’s energy needs are on the rise with constant industrialization and urbanization. The need to shift to greener sources of energy has become all the more profound. Moreover, with the looming danger of global warming, the renewable energy is the only way of rescuing the planet. Renewable energy is produced from the natural elements of the earth that is the sun, wind and the water.

The usage of fossil fuels have risen in recent times leading to greater health hazards and environmental degradation. There is an urgent need to curb this. Fossil fuel combustion leads to the emission of greenhouse gases, which get collected in the atmosphere and act as a thick blanket over the atmosphere. This thick blanket traps the heat of the sun causing the earth to hot ten up. This is called the greenhouse effect and can eventually cause the polar icecaps to melt, causing massive floods.

The solution to curb this is to reduce the dependence on fossil fuels by shifting towards renewable energy sources. The world energy research helps in promoting the prospects in the energy sector.

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