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alright sounds good thats what im thinking because i have been drivin around for a few weeks than checked the codes again and got..

P0174 - system to lean bank 2
P0154 - O2 sensor circuit no activity detected (bank 2 sensor 1)
P0157 - O2 sensor circuit low voltage (bank 2 sensor 2)

right after the codes are reset. within 5 to 10 minutes of driving p0174 - system to lean bank 2 comes right back on.

im wondering if you think i should replace both bank 2 sensors? and if so do you guys would know which ones they are so that i will know which sensors are bad. Because im not sure how they do the bank 1 and 2?
for 02 sensors there is 4 it says... (even though i've only seen 2 of them)
front manifold - before and after cadalytic converter
rear manifold - before and after cadalytic converter

do those refer to as the first 3 cylinders = front manifold?
and 4,5, and 6 = rear manifold?
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