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Angry Why I HATE parking at the Mall! (Pictures)

So I get to Home Depot and I already know they have those big steel trolley carts that could total your ride and I always park my car at the far end. In general I ALWAYS park at the far end away from rogue shopping carts and Soccer Mom Vans/SUVs that just don't care.

So I left my car there, run in for like 10 minutes and return to see this:

I swore I was being punked on candid camera! He literally had to squeeze his big a$$ car in between my car and the curb. I could barely open my door to get in. Luckily I didn't get any door dings from this idiot.

I came in from the back as you see the curb dips in and allows another space parallel to where I came in. Honestly I was rushing and too lazy to adjust and put my car in the final spot but then again how was I know that some idiot would squeeze in there between me and the curb. I even purposely parked my car on the line on his side because I honestly didn't think someone would try to park there.

Here is a picture of what happened:

But srsly WTF!!!! Who are these people?



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