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01 m3 code help!

Hey i have a 2001 bmw m3 woth 76000 miles, recently my service engine soon light came on. the codes i was seeing were;

P0304 (cylinder 4 misfire)
P0305 (cylinder 5 misfire)
P0306 (cylinder 6 misfire)
P0300 (multiple misfire detected)
P1585 (misfire with empty tank)
P0174 (system too lean on bank 2)
P0157 (O2 Sensor circuit low voltage (bank 2 sensor 2))

I have been reding through some other forums and someone had most of all of those codes right after they had cleaned their MAFS. They ended up getting a new MAFS and the codes didnt show up again. So i though maybe it was my MAFS and decided to take it out a clean it with MAF sensor cleaner. I then waited for it to dry than put it back in and cleared all the codes to see if it helped.
I then drove it for a while and got 1 more code within the next days.

P0175 (System to rich bank 2)

Does anyone know what i should do?! what do people usually do when they have this problem? Is there a sensor or something that usually goes out around 75000 miles? Does this happen often?
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