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540i vs WRX

Okay so last night on my way home I was driving behind a silver Subaru WRX (don't know which model but I saw the WRX badge and the car looked brand new).So as I drove behind him the guy started nailing the throttle a bit and so did I.I came in next to the guy with the nose of my car in line with the back of his car.Just then the we both started flooring our cars and I came in next to the guy with my nose just in front of his,as I hit 3rd gear at around 110 - 120 kmh/w (not 100% sure about the speed but this is round about what we were doing) the Subaru started pulling in front of me and just then an there I realized that I lost.The guy just kept on gaining distance on me so I just took my foot of the throttle.(was no use to keep on trying)

I drive a 1999 540iA (stock) with 201683km on the clock.I have no idea what year model the Subaru was or whether it was standard (I'm guessing it was standard) but damn....that thing can F off.

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