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I almost forgot to respond, but since I am stuck inside today, cause my M3 doesn't like the snow very much, I figured its a perfect time to let you know what I found. Poppa Candy's is very nice and the guy up front gave me a quick tour, of the building and a story about how they became Poppa Candy's. Its very clean and secure, they had coffee and he even offered me a sucker, I picked Root Beer flavor. They changed my oil, replaced my belt with a BMW belt, as the one I had was aftermarket and was too smooth, so it was making it squeak. They had me in and out in about and hour and a half and my bill was cheap. Nice guys and knowledgeable about BMW's. The technician is European and the guy up front, Rocky, worked for Classic BMW. He said his goal was to give the same type of service experience at the dealer, without all the dealer headache or the price. His normal labor price is $75.00 per hour, but I had a 10% off coupon, so it made it $67.50 per hour. They only charged me $40.00 for the two belts. I was still less than $200.00 after the oil change. They also noticed that I might need front brakes soon. I will definitely be taking all my business there. Plus they can work on my wifes Camry too. Nice guys, nice place.
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