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I am new to this forum and being a VW drag racing enthusiast for 25 years or so I thought I would educate some of the misguided on this forum.

First off most of us do not put a Porsche or Subie engine in our cars (Why would we want to go slower? And it is highly frowned on in the VW community ) lol

Way back in the 80's I had what would be an Unlimited Street turbo car today. That car managed to eventually click off a 9.90 second ET before I sold it after 14 years of owning it.

Today we have Unlimited Street that has real street cars that have to be insured, registered have working lights, wipers, horn and a muffler, they also have to do a 20 mile cruse before they race. Most of these cars run high to low 9 second times in street trim.

Here is an East Coast Unlimited Street car running 9.90 @ 142 lifting.

There is a Pro Mod class with a weight to CI rule, in this class the dominating crew of the Red Baron team recently effortlessly clicked off an 8.34 @ 170 with only 24 LBS of boost on an engine that can take 50 PSI.

Here is an old video of them running 8.34 @ 169 with the old engine.

If you really want to see a fast air cooled VW engine in a dragster there are two of them that run in the 6 second range @ 200 MPH +

One is VW Paradise with a recent run of I think it was 6.53 and the MPH was 211 but they have run these numbers a few times. Look for this car on Pass Time on the Speed channel in February sometime

Here is a video of the old front engine car, they switched to a rear engine now because they had one too many Top Fuel type explosions in the top end. That's what happens sometimes when you try to get 1,400 HP out of a VW engine and push the limits though.

1/8 mile burnout


Today ten second VW turbo cars are a dime a dozen at VW events and if you live in So Cal many of them are driving around the streets.

This is a great forum for my daily driver BTW, have a great day!
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