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How to access 06 X3 sunroof drains

With all the trouble over clogged drains and the fact that my newly acquired X3 had tons of debris in the cabin air filter container at the bottom of the windshield I am thinking it might be a good idea to clean out these drains. My build date is post revised sunroof system so I should have the latest design (for the 06).

In my 528 I am able to run yard trimmer cord through my drain tubes as I know how to access them. On the X3 I'm not sure and haven't located a definitive post on how to do so. Also, the X has a flapper at the end of the tube supposedly and this may necessitate accessing from the bottom up.

So the question here is two fold. How do you access these drain tubes from up top and from underneath the car. And, do you think the trimmer cord trick will work?

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