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Wow, one lucky fella! When mine went, it was a sudden, catastrophic failure, while driving on the highway. No hint whatsoever of impending doom, the temp gauge went off to the red zone and that was it, off to the shoulder of the road, cut the engine, and a call for a tow. Fortunately no engine damage. That's one reason why I felt I couldn't give an intelligible reply to your initial posting, the symptoms you described didn't correspond with my experience, or how the plastic pumps behaved when they failed, again, usually suddenly. That, and I figured nearly all those pumps would have been replaced by now. As I said, one lucky fella...

I can't recall at what mileage mine failed, it was maybe five or six years ago, maybe around the 100,000 mile mark. From what I read, the plastic pumps generally crapped out in the 50,000-80,000 mile range, so you got well over that. I've had no problem with the new pump, so I think you can rest assured you can get well over 120,000 with the new one. Happy motoring!
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