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Exclamation hard start problem!!!!!????

I've been having a problem with my x5 4.4i, it has a hard time starting for the first time everyday, I have already replaced all the spark plugs, fuel filter, and battery...

If I remove the plug on the throttle body, it will start, but it starts in "ENGINE FAIL SAFE PROGRAM", then for the rest of the day it will start fine, until the next day it all happens again, I have removed the throttle body to clean, and noticed oil in the INTAKE MANIFOLD, after reading a lot of threads here I thought of checking the oil separator valve, and upon removing it, I noticed that the lower hose, that goes to the return pipe was already broken off completely...

I would like to know if anyone has any information on this problem or ever had a similar problem and how it was solved???

I appreciate all replies and comments.
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