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Help with X5 buying

Hi all,
Came over from the e36 side, I already have a 95 325IS and am looking to purchase a used X5, I am not very familier with them, looking at 02 to 06 most with @70 -85,000 miles on them, what should I look out for?

Any years to stay away from?
Any engine better that the other 4.4 v8 vs. 3.0 6 ?
Tranny problems?
What kind of mileage are people getting 6 cly vs. 8?

I do pretty much most of my own repairs and know my way around car mechanical issues.
Would like some information to help make a decision.
I drive 110 miles a day round trip to work so it will be my every day vehicle,
I live in the north east (Connecticut) so we get some snow to drive in.

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