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Originally Posted by timo View Post
I'm planning on doing a valve adjustment on my 85' 6 & need to find the adjustment specs. Can anyone give me a starting point? thanks
The valve lash adjustment spec is 0.012 and the actual adjustment is using the eccentric that forms part of the rocker. All you do is loosen the locking nut a tad and move the ecentric to either tighten or loosen the spec. The hardest part is rolling the engine over. I do this by pulling the plugs out and using a BFW on the alternator nut. Just a little down force on the belt and she goes right over.

What they are refering to about overlap with the cam profile is pretty basic. What you are doing is putting the valves in the closed position by putting another in the open position. figure 40 shows the precedure just about as anyone can for adjustment. It's rather simple once you get to the valves. Just remember that every cylinder in the engine is 180* out from another which the chart shows for example #6 is overlaped -both valves open-when #1 is closed.
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