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Originally Posted by Dudesky View Post
Funny stuff . . now I don't normally do this kind of thing, but I was cruising around 75mph on the NY State Thruway earlier today, and I spot an E36 318 coming in from the on ramp. He pulls up to me, looks at me, and guns it. Oh no, you did not just show up a 325! So I pick it up since I just passed a trooper about a mile or so back, helping a disabled car; I figure it should be clear for a bit ahead. Pass this guy up in the 318 at around 100mph, and I'm thinkin' I showed him. But as I go to look in the rearview mirror for him, I see these mean ass DDE's behind the 318 . . and these DDE's were haulin' freeken ass. Turns out to be a black E39 M5, blows right by us at somewhere around 120mph, who the hell knows . godddamn, what a sight, I don't think either of us ever saw him sneaking up
Bet I know that M5 Driver

DINAN Stage 2...... 470 HP

Check out the "BLACK FOREST RUN BMW"..... videos on YouTube

Watch the beginning of - PART TWO

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