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Wink 06 325i how to read code for check engine light

Hello Guys, This is my brother in law first bimmer and he does not have any idea about cars, it is funny that he got the first bimmer than me ja,ja,ja well I am trying to help him, I always work on my old cars, like mustang 5.0 1988, but this new modern car is too much computer, so if any one could tell me if my OBDII will read a bimmer code ? I do not think so but does not hurt to ask, if not how can I find out what is wrong on the car ? My brother in law told me that there is a a red figure like a pumping handle and an other jar w/drop, when I took the car for a ride nothing came on only the engine light was on all the time.
Please I will apreciate any help, there is only 50 K KM on the car, He bought it in Jan used, should be under warranty ? do you have to pay for the diagnostic anyway ? please anyone who has bimmer long time and they know how this warranty for used car works please let me know.

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