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A couple of days ago I'm making a U turn on a city street and some guy in a black lil' pickem up decides to change lanes directly in front of me (pulling into my lane), so I BLOW the HORN to let him know that - due to his lack of attention to traffic - he almost caused an accident !
We pull up to a traffic light right away (side by side) and the douche bag decides to get out of his pickem up and come over to my car and tap on the window ! So I reach down under my drivers seat and pull out my Glock 18C.
I set in my lap, lower the window slightly and tell the guy " get the fuck away from my car or your family will be attending you funeral service tomorrow ! The douche bag RUNS back to his truck - hopefully the wiser.
Who the fuck is so stupid as to get out of their car and walk up to a strangers vehicle !? GREAT way to DIE !!!:
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