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Question 335i extreme curiosities

Greetings all,

I have been looking at the 335 platform for a good long while now.

I have had an A4 Avant since 2002, with 120,000 miles now, which I have loved. I have a small Kendon trailer & hitch that I tow my bike up to the Ozarks a couple times a year with this car.

I chipped it at arn 2000 miles which made a huge difference in torque & power. GIAC. Small miltek exhaust, cat back.

Has been a nice little car, but I am looking very hard at the 335 & was wondering if you would lend me some of your thoughts & opinions?

Will these car accept a hitch?

Having bought the car, are there things you would have done differently?

Quattro has been an absolute BLAST in snow & rain. How does the rear wheel drive fair in these elements?

I would look at the spot package for sure, steering.

Also, with this twin turbo - is BMW mod friendly & are there software platforms that are decent for this car?

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