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I was driving out in the middle of the wooded country area. I can't remember where exactly. I was doing maybe well over 100mp/h and there was a 2 slight curves that normally wouldn't be a problem at those speeds, but they were kind of wet/icy. The rear end tries to pass me and I end up sliding sideways towards a bunch of trees... I don't really know what happened, I did my best to steer, brake, gas whatever I did and somehow managed to get out of it.

My speedo only reads up to 85 so I don't know what exactly I was doing. I had the gas buried for a long ass time so maybe 130 - 140.
1. It's the fastest I've driven
2. It's the first time my rear end has passed me

I thought I was going to die on my way to a family gathering. Strangely enough though a few hours after that me and my brother head out to air his tires up and get something to drink and rolls his truck doing 35-40mp/h on a small curve... strange day. My dad was rear ended the night before as well.
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