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Drove an STI

So my budy came home for Spring break, and aprently while he was gone he purchased an STI. 24,000 miles. Clean car. Engine bay was dirty..but clean otherwise.

So we drove out to the coast. He drove there. Wasnt sure what to expect as far as performance, seeing how theres so much hype with Subaru.

It pulls pretty dam hard. Kinda jerky. Suspension is...well its like riding in a matchbox car. It jolts and bumps and makes a bunch of noise. But once you get to smooth pavement and some turns it hugs the corners. 80mph feels like 60.

Windshield is HUGE. Which i really like. BUT, as fast as it was, when i drove it..I didnt like it.

This 6 speed transmission makes you shift way to much. My other friends Z has a 6 speed and it wasnt anoying like this. The power band after 3,500 is great, but cruising with the turbo spooled up sucks. (which is why theres 6 gears i assume).

The steering is just weird. At 80 it feels like its swaying all over the place. When i wasnt just WOT, i felt like 45 was a normal speed. Very weird. it didnt have much road feel either. The shifter is short, which is good, and the electronically controlled Limited slip and power distribution is cool.

Not that performance wise it matters but the interior is cheap. Not a good looking cheap either.

The car has all the badges removed, and it has no beautiful lines...just kinda clunky looking.

I would compare the speed to a 540 from launch. at speed its faster though for sure.

Overall i guess its good bang for your buck. Not my cup of tea though. Would rather have that 335 i test drove, but then again that one is twice the price.
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