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Haha....ya for sure bmw's are heck of a lot more fun...but i guess you get what you pay for. And on regard of getting parts, I love hearing people at autozone telling me that their parts are good for my car..lmao thats so funny, I only put mahle, bosch, mann, lemforder, etc..on my car, i dont think they carry those...Oh and on a side note, i went to get new plugs for my car, and didnt want to order them online, so i was calling around town, and no one in my city carries regular old bosch supers they all carry platinum this and platinum that, which is crap for the M50 cuz they get fouled. So i put some NGK's in there and the car is runing just fine, they meet oem specs, have the dual prong and everything, eventhough the parts guy is like "i wouldnt put those on a BMW", lol he just wanted to upsell me the platinums...Oh and on regards of getting parts Autohauz is the best bar none....cheaper then BMA, Bavauto, and Pelican....
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btw you typed "weiss" the wrong way. Actually you even have to type it "weiß". but w/e
Ahhh...good ol' bmw owners!!!
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