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Older volvos are good cars. Not nearly as much fun though. I donno the e30 hasn't seemed that expensive to me. Then again that's the most common bmw in my area and I don't mind shopping around online. I will admit though I hate being forced to go online for everything. Sometimes places like Advance Auto is much more convenient.

This is similar to my family's old volvos. The wagon saved my dad's life and my own when this woman went 45 through a red light and hit us on the side (it was icy so we spun around... allot.. hit a barrier and stopped. Volvo = totaled). And I think my dad ran the gl into the back of a school bus. Some reason I don't think he liked the Volvo's that much since those were the only cars he crashed. Anyway these two below aren't mine just similar. I forgot the point of this post...


BMW's are made by god... kinda

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