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so I dont need fanboys to start defending them like there life depended on them, i love bmw's just like everyone else on here, so don't tell me that I need to be patient and blah blah, im not new to these cars, they are by no means perfect vehicles, and thats where some of us have problems understanding. I'm just trying to release stress....
Hey! Alpine, I am very sorry if I came off the wrong way. I posted what I felt about your situation, because I felt the same way many times. I asked the same question, why! So this is why I think we feel this way about our cars. I am not a fanboy by any means and yeah I got a little blah, blah, blah, again I've felt the very same way,The Hate: I've had that f$#king' CHECK engine light on for fn' 3 months, & refused to get ripped off by the stealerships, then I had the on board computer spitting out all this bullshit about my brakes, said WTF why did I buy this POS, but once I got everything squared away it was back to Love again!
So Peace Alpine, Peace
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