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Ive had my e34 before ive had my e36 for over 3 years, and so I know that i need to do research, thats not the point of my rant. They are just a shit load more sensitive then other vehicles that i have driven, for example the older volvos are bulletproof, my family had 4 of them none had transmission problems (the e34's transmission went out at 108k) and none had engine problems. I know BMW's are great cars (or else why would i buy another and join a forum?), so I dont need fanboys to start defending them like there life depended on them, i love bmw's just like everyone else on here, so don't tell me that I need to be patient and blah blah, im not new to these cars, they are by no means perfect vehicles, and thats where some of us have problems understanding. I'm just trying to release stress....

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