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Originally Posted by alpine wiess 325is View Post
Why is it that when bmw's breakdown they are the most annoying fuckin cars on the planet, and when there running they are like the best cars on the planet, why god why!!!! And why do i keep on buying them? What drives me to drive the bavarian machine?
You have to look at it this way, any car that breaks down is annoying! The difference is a BMW is not just any car or you would not feel the way you do about about your Bimmer! You have a love, a passion for this car they call The Ultimate Driving Machine. You are use to them performing well, because for the most part they do! With that they are a little more complicated than the average car, but thats the price you pay! So if you are somewhat handy with tools pick up a Bently, OBD l or ll scanner, & check out all DIY's on-line & try to fix it, you might surprise yourself. Sometimes you might not be able to fix every problem and occasionally have to bite the bullet and bring it to the dealership! So again that's the Price We Pay! To own the Ultimate Driving Machine!


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