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Removing heater box - a/c evac?

Hey all.

I'm in the process of an interior conversion at the moment, and while I have all the dash stuff apart I'm replacing the heater box and changing my car from analog to digital heater controls. I havnt seen many threads about this being done, probably just because of how in depth the project is. I got a 96+ heater box with harness and everything, and a 96+ control unit so I'm hoping everything goes well.

The only problem I have is this - the car, as it sits right now is not mobile and I need to pull the heater box out. This involves disconnecting the A/C condenser which means the system needs to be evacuated.

How do I go about doing this? I can't take it somewhere. Can the heater box be removed without removing the AC lines? Are there any mobile AC evac. companies?

Or should I just (gasp) discharge it into the air?


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